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Shotgun Boats is the builder of the "Shotgun Sprint Hull", well known in jet sprint boat racing.

The Jet Sprint Boat is constructed from aluminum and constantly updated to give it that winning edge. Scott water jet units are the preferred pump for jet sprinting.

Shotgun Sprint Hulls have been completing and winning in Aust., NZ, and the USA since 1992 evolving over the years to handle from 400 H.P. and 3 Stage Jet Units in the early years: to 1100 H.P. and the state of the art ScottJet 2 Stage Race Unit of todays racers.

The hull running area is built to specs to suit the H.P.and Class it will competing in.

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Construction of Shotgun Sprint Hulls

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The Shotgun Sprint Hull is built on a steel jig which has adjuster points to alter the dead rise, chine angles and width of the delta running pad. This enables the boat to be built with horsepower in mind so it performs as needed for the class it is entered in.

All exterior welds are then ground, before the hull is overturned to blueprint and slipcote the running surface of the hull.The boat is then turned over to prime.

Fit up of the Jet Unit, Roll Cage and all other fittings are carried out prior to painting to avoid marking of the paint.

The steering system is designed and built by Shotgun Boats. This system gives a rock solid and super smooth feel to the steering, regardless of speed or conditions.

The roll cage is constructed from chrome moly (4130)steel tube. Sizes are 1 1/2 x .095 for the main cage and 1 1/4 x.065 for the seat mounts which are framed as part of the rollcage to form an enclosed pipeframe capsule for the driver and navigator.

A complete set of engine mounts can be fabricated from information received from the customer as to make-size and configuration.

The Scott Jet Unit is available to suit the application and horsepower.Impellors are trimmed and tuned up to best suit the application.